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Vita’s Life in China – Life on the streets of Xi’an

In this week’s vlog I’m taking you around our city – Xi’an and one of my favourite parts – the Muslim Quarter. It’s full of life, has incredible food, beautiful people. You will also see some traditional Chinese self-care routines, our city walls and much more. I love how China has taught me to enjoy life and have fun! Let me know what you found the most interesting!


Vita’s Life in China – Working with students in China

This week was a vrey interesting one – I held a workshop for new students about communication between cultures and saw really interesting things on the streets of Xi’an that I wanted to show you. We also had the opening of National Games of China and it was exquisite! Hope you liked it too, let me know what you want to see more of!


Vita’s Life in China – Double standards regarding China and Europe

In this week’s vlog, I was on a shoot and discuss some topics that are quite important to me, like the way Europe and Western world presents China in the media, the differences between us and the importance of education. My husband Ivica also joined me for a short moment in my vlog. Hope you liked it and it makes you think!


Vita’s Life in China – How to learn a show in Chinese

I love challenges, so I’ve decided to give myself the ultimate one – learn and perform a show in Chinese! In this video I talk a little bit about why I’ve decided to even try this and show you what it looks like in my rehearsals with my teacher – Jane @unifons.