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The story of a frog in hot water

Today I read the posts of my dear former colleague Nataša on one of the social networks. She wrote that two years ago, when the pandemic started and when we had only a one-digit or two-digit number of infected citizens a day (the disaster!), we were in complete lockdown in Croatia, there were no cafes, restaurants, sport or kids playgrounds, hairdressers and not to mention more.

Today, after two years, the daily number of newly infected people in Croatia regularly exceeds 15.000, over 40 people die, and everyone walks around as if nothing is happening.


If you want to change the culture, you have to change the structure

Today is Saturday.

On Tuesday around 19:30 in our family group chat Buga sent a message that left us speechless at first.

She was diagnosed with ADHD.

What do you do first? You google and see what those four letters carry with them, what they’re actually about.


If you don’t live it – you don’t know it

One of the most common sentences I spoke as a child was “well because …” followed by an excuse why I didn’t do something.

And the second most common, especially in puberty, and in recent months as I completely took over The Mala Scena Theatre was “and I know, Mom, but …”. So after that “and I know” I would often be greeted by a cold shower – if you don’t do it, you don’t know.



Do you have an artistic project in mind that you would like to realise but don’t know how?

Are you done waiting for others to give you a chance and want to start performing and creating now?

Do you want to change how things are done in the performing industry?




Do you feel like you never have time?
You don’t know what you actually want in your life and/or career?
Do you set goals but never reach them, or never even set them in the first place?
It’s TIME FOR CHANGE isn’t it?
Work with Vita for a month and you’re life and career will never be the same!


Professional and amateur way of running an organization

The theory knows two ways of running organizations:
1. professional way
2. amateur way.

The professional way of running an organization is based on knowledge to which, over time, experience is added.
The amateur approach is based solely on empiricism, on experience, and we call it the experiential way.


About motivation

Honestly, I am not a proponent of motivating students, they are adults and I think the role of teachers is to guide them through the process of growing up, but not to directly motivate them.

Because, in fact, I do not believe in external motivation.

I believe in external motivation only when a person starts up motivated by internal motivation, so external motivation is just an extra wind in the back on the way to the result.


Division of the civil society organizations

Creating our own projects and producing them well doesn’t only depend on the sole act of producing and working on the project. If and when we gain a wider knowledge of the cultural politics and where we fit in the system – producing, and long-term planning will become much easier as well – you will have a better perspective, a better understanding of your environment and what can be done and how, so everything comes much more easily.


Change, change…

It was 2005. I was 46 years old and was in a unenviable mental state. I knew I was at a turning point, but I didn’t have a slightest picture of which way to go. This state lasted for about two years. Time passed, and I failed to move.
Both external and internal motivation were hibernating.


Let’s redefine success

I have a confession to make.

I’m a failure. A 100% failure.


Well, when I started my studies I had a plan. I will finish my studies in time (5 years) after that I will become a part of a YAP program (2 years) and after that I will get an agent and start my freelancing career as an opera singer around the world.