About us

Mother and daughter. Vita and Buga.

Vita – actress, producer, professor, scientist, business director of the theater.

Buga – opera singer, actress, producer, artistic director of the theater

They met on December 3, 1993. at 2:05 am in a snow-covered Zagreb hospital and from the first day they’re driving a “parallel slalom”.

Both artists. Both with a strong sense of social responsibility. Both in love with learning and sharing knowledge and experiences. Both are full of new ideas that they want to realize now and immediately, even though each day has only 24 hours.

One (Vita), who is leaving the art business, has many years of experience in running a theater and extensive theoretical knowledge. The other (Buga) is at the beginning of his career, just gaining life and artistic experience and learning the first steps in the field of cultural management.

Vita adores structures, but understands the importance of content. Buga is fascinated by the content, but increasingly realizes that without structure content cannot exist.

They both love reading, skiing and tennis. And Ivica Šimić. Husband and father. They both love freedom. Especially freedom of opinion. Vita and Buga live at a distance of (usually) 8000 km.

Vita lives and works as a professor at the Faculty of Culture and Media of Eurasia University in Xi’an, China. Buga lives in Zagreb, Croatia, but the airport is still her most natural environment. They have only seen each other live a few times in the last five years, but thanks to life in the 21st century, they have the feeling that they live at two separate addresses, but “in a building across the street”.

One day, in June 2021, Buga sent a message to Vita that there is a circle of (young) artists, performers who need basic knowledge about career development and working on simple (artistic) projects.

That’s how VestaLLLs came about. Name? A combination of Vestals, Roman priestesses in charge of maintaining fire and LLL – Life Long Learning, which is Vita’s and Buga’s life commitment. Both hoping that this journey that started with the two of us will soon include many more on the road to change. To change ourselves, our circle and the art world in general.

Welcome to VestaLLLs, we’re so happy you’re here!