For decades artists have been taught all about their art, but nothing about the system they are expected to live and thrive in. We have been waiting for a change in the system, not realising that the system - is us.


you're done:

and you want to:

We are Vita and Buga.

VITA – actress, producer, professor, researcher, founder and CEO of Mala scena theatre in Zagreb, with over 30 years of experience. 

BUGA – opera singer, actress, producer, artistic director of Mala scena theatre. 

Mother and daughter. Business partners. Teacher and student in both ways.

One of them (Vita) – leaving the artistic business, huge experience in producing, leadership and management (both theory and practice). 

The other one (Buga) at the very beginning of her career, starting to gain experience and learning about cultural management.

Both with a great wish to share the artistic freedom, independence and joy with other performers so they can live the same.

The perfect balance between theory and practice, between former experience and contemporary life. 



MODUL 1: Let's start at the very beginning

 GPS can’t tell you how much time it will take to get to your destination until you tell it where your starting point is. This is what this module is all about. Understanding the basic terminology, learning how to analyse yourself, what skills you already have and which ones you’re missing, learning the ESBI model that will help you determine which way you want to lead your career. This knowledge will also be crucial if   you ever start leading a team, a production. Understanding where other people are, who they are will make it easier for you to understand and lead them.