Happy New Year!

Life is not a linear line.The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to start building new skills and perfect the old ones. Which skills will be the most important in the future? Read in our first blog of 2022.!

HAPPY 2022!

Dear followers of VestaLLLs, and those who are about to become one,

for years I have been following changes in the labor market and its future needs, as well as research, that says that in the future workers will be required to have completely different characteristics from those that were desirable in my youth. Not to mention those from my parents ’time.

The coronavirus pandemic and the crisis has accelerated the already accelerated processes, so now it is clear to even the most skeptical that reskilling and building skills are the most important steps a young person should take if he wants to be ready for the labor market.

Until recently (and for years) computer skills were at the very top of the scale. This year, skills related to emotional and social intelligence have “surpassed” them and they will not lose their leading position in the near future.

What exactly does that mean?

Predictions that mechanical jobs will be replaced by robots and artificial intelligence are coming true, and in many countries this process is already well developed.

What is left that robots and artificial intelligence cannot replace?

Interaction between people, empathy, compassion, emotional support, everything related to the heart.

As Ichak Adizes often writes, until the Industrial Revolution, physical strength was paramount and whoever had it was the boss and ran the game.

The industrial revolution brought change and the brain took first place. Who was the smartest and who knew how to take advantage of all the benefits that the brain gives us, was the boss.

The fourth revolution, which we are witnessing today, is bringing change again. Computers think faster than all of us together, and it’s possible that kids will soon have chips installed and will be able to connect to a cloud from birth, so they won’t have to learn at all.

What will make the difference in the future? What time are we entering?

The age of the heart.

This Adizes theory was unequivocally confirmed today by McKinsey’s research (https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/people-and-organizational-performance/our-insights/building-workforce-skills-at-scale-to-thrive-during-and-after-the-covid-19-crisis) which leaves no room for doubt that emotional and social skills, and therefore everything related to the heart, will become the most sought “goods on the market”.

One who knows how to deal with people, who is skilled in communication, in management, who knows how to work in a team, will be desirable in the labor market.

In short, for someone who has not yet realized that they need to work permanently on their emotional and social skills, with, of course, lifelong learning, this is the last chance to jump on this train and start your personal reskilling.

VestaLLLs was born for just that. VestaLLLs is here to take you on a path of change that is already here. Join us!

Happy New Year 2022 to you all! May 2022 be the year of personal change!

Your VestaLLLs

Vita and Buga