How GPS taught me a lesson

Life is not a linear line.Read why making assumptions and skipping steps is not good for your business.

The other day I had a performance in a kindergarten. I had no idea where that kindergarten was, so the day before I entered the address in Google Maps to see how long it takes me to get there – to know how to plan my morning. The next morning, I got in the car, turned on the GPS, and was shocked. 10 minutes longer estimated duration of the trip. Not because of the traffic. But because I was starting my journey from home, not from the theater where I was checking the distance the day before.

If you don’t know where you’re going from, where point A is – how will you know how to get to point B? Which way, speed, by which means?

How convenient that this lesson hit me this week.

First, at the beginning of the week, my coach Fiona Flyte advised me that I’m skipping steps (what a “coincidence” that my mom’s video this week was called “About Shortcuts”). That I assume that people know the basics, and as we know – assumption is never good.

And then this week I was editing and uploading our program “From Performer to Producer” to a new online platform and I wondered – well, why do we need this whole module on basic concepts, initial analysis, personality analysis, team analysis? Where is the production, where is the organization, management, cost estimates, PR? Who will wait for that, people will give up before they come to the second module. Assumption again and skipping steps again.

Well so nice my GPS taught me this lesson very subtly. And with him, several colleagues this week asked me questions that proved to me that my assumptions were wrong. 

We are talking about production, about taking life and career into our own hands, about creating organizations. And where is the beginning? Point A?

The beginning is the knowledge that a contract is not valid if it is not signed. The difference between gross and net worth. That the information about when your fee will be paid is in the contract. At least it should be there. That we as performers have some obligations, not just rights – such as: if we change the place of residence, association, bank – we must report it to organizations with which we have signed contracts because otherwise organizations pay tax to wrong tax administration, or miscalculate or our money sits in an account that doesn’t exist.

Just that. Just the basics, and then we can talk about production. Management. Ask for our rights. To demand, to expect.

Let’s face it – I don’t blame anyone, I don’t judge anyone. We don’t talk, we don’t learn about our work outside of the artistic part. And we should.

So let’s get started.

Do you know what management is?

Try to explain it in the comments in one sentence, the explanation arrives in the next post!