No skipping steps

Life is not a linear line.For each lesson I say it was difficult. But this one was one of the hardest. Because I was convinced all the time that it’s ok to skip steps. I can. "I'm learning fast, I'll learn along the way."

For each lesson I say it was difficult. But this one was one of the hardest. Because I was convinced all the time that it’s ok to skip steps. I can. “I’m learning fast, I’ll learn along the way.”

But you won’t. You do not have to. I believe you can, but why? By throwing yourself on your head and with the motto “I will learn on the way” you will burn out, get lost, give up or it will take you years to get somewhere where you could have arrived in a few weeks, maybe months. And then you will be sorry. And that is the motto on which, I think, our whole schooling is based actually.

I know a few colleagues who have fantastic ideas. For performances, for their organizations, for public organizations that they want to change. But. If you do not know the system you are entering – how will you change it? If you don’t have a basic foundation, how are you going to build up?

And there is a huge gap. Because people think they can learn about driving while they drive. I thought so too. You can, absolutely. Just trust me – I don’t want anyone to have to learn how to fill out applications, write reports all the while producing their project and performing in 3 others.

I threw myself on my head and crashed last year. Completely. Crying for days, not sleeping, not eating, total despair. To the point that I almost set fire to our theatre just so I don’t have to face everything that has fallen on my head. The conflict of my desires to act, create and the reality that I have no idea what I’m doing behind the scenes. Some processes that were supposed to be beautiful, creative, cheerful, turned into a nightmare.

Because I skipped steps. Because I started without any preparation. You wouldn’t go climbing Mount Everest without preparation and equipment, right? Why then do we underestimate, me first, our job and just start climbing without any preparation?

I am still learning this lesson. I jumped and I’m still collecting the pieces.

But that’s why we made VestaLLLs. So that you don’t have to. Because when I started to suffocate, I had only one lifeline – Vitomira Lončar. And I thought – if we can help someone not to suffocate like this, not to start swimming without even knowing how to float – we will save one person and enable them to breathe and create with ease and joy. 

I will repeat this until the end of time – no matter how much we oppose it, again – me first, there is no art without structure. At least not to its full potential. We can pass by. We can wonder whether the contracts will be signed and fulfilled or not, we can write Facebook posts about how the system doesn’t work, we can throw ourselves on our heads and do something of our own just to make money, while we actually wait for someone to hire us or someone to take over that production part and save us, say we are artists and we don’t need to know anything else  and keep hoping that it will just be sorted out somehow. 


We can prepare ourselves. Get equipment, train your body for great heights, learn all about the conditions and survival in the cold, find a guide who knows safe routes to the top and then start. Slowly. 

To know that we will arrive safe, whole, fulfilled and be able to enjoy the view at the top, and not come to the top so exhausted that we fall asleep at the top or freeze.

If you are ready to climb with pleasure, and not survive and learn through – sign up for a free consultation with Vita at the link:

Don’t repeat my mistakes. Do this for yourself today!